Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Do you find it hard to gain weight and build muscle even though you eat like a monster? To gain weight and build muscle you need to eat a lot of foods, and do workouts to build muscle mass, but you have to follow the right eating plan. The experts say that we build muscle the most when we’re sleeping, so you need to eat before you go to bed. Besides this, you need to eat after workouts because your muscles will be in repairing mode, so you must feed them as soon as possible with healthy foods.

You can’t be eating 3 meals in a day like normal people, if you want to build muscle mass, you need to eat 8 meals in a day. All the 8 meals are not big meals, but small quantity of healthy foods. You just have to feed your body with what it can absorb. If you’re eating big meal, your body doesn’t need all the nutrients from the meal, your body will store it and it becomes fat. Here is an eating plan for you to gain weight and build muscle :

1) Protein – Protein is the building block of muscle, if you don’t take a lot of protein, your muscles never grow mass. After you’ve done your workouts, you need to eat food which contains protein to recover your muscle. Also, your muscles build the most when you sleep, so you need to eat protein before you go to bed too. You can eat some foods which contain lot of protein, such as chicken, red meat, fish and eggs.

2) Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates gives you energy to do more workouts in the gym. Carbohydrates also provides slow release energy to keep your energy level up for the whole day. But, you can’t be eating food which contains carbohydrates excessively, you can take small doses of carbohydrates in each meal. If you take too much of it, your body will store it and it will become fat. You can eat foods which contain carbohydrates in every meal, such as whole grain wheat, brown bread, brown rice and potatoes.

It’s a general eating plan to gain weight and build muscle. Eating big meals and doing excessively of workouts don’t help in building muscle, so you have to manage it wisely.

Are you sick of not seeing any results even though you follow the eating plans? If you want to see a good result in short time, you need to follow one of our top affiliates proven program to Gain Weight and Build Muscle. He was a skinny guy who found it difficult to gain weight and build muscle, His name is Skinny Vinny!


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Lose Weight And Build Muscle

It’s time to optimize your workout to reach your goals faster. Make sure you allow optimal rest between workout sessions. If the basic low-risk workouts can cause injury when executed without perfect form do you really want to increase the odds of getting an injury by doing high-risk exercises with bad form. If you are a beginner or someone who is looking to get the most out of their workouts and build muscle mass and strength quickly; you need to get this system. You also want to limit the intake of those carbs to times like first thing in the morning and directly before and after workouts. So if I workout hard on a given day, I may have raised my BMR to 4,000 calories for that day, so I could eat 3,900 calories and still lose weight.


Muscles are made of protein and you should have a list of all the protein foods which you can have easy access to. Muscles don’t get BIG unless you want them to and work with that as your goal, and women have an even harder time of it than men (we just don’t have the testosterone levels you guys have.

I have been training celebs, models, actors and pageant contestants for many years using the celebrated “Burn fat Build Muscles Fast system”. Eating muscle building foods does help you get the edge and build muscles much faster than just eating normal foods. We’re going to discuss a few general, realistic, and workable ways to build your muscles.

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Eight Hardgainer Tips on Gaining Weight and Building Muscle in a Healthy Way

Do you know how to gain weight and build muscle mass? Here is 8 hardgainer tips that you can use to gain weight and build muscle mass in healthy way:

1) Do not listen to bodybuilding magazines – If you want to gain weight in proper way and build muscle mass, don’t follow what magazines tell you. A friend of mine told me his experience, he followed what the magazines taught. He did workouts for 5-6days in a week, he was exhausted. At last, he consulted expert and get to know that improper diet plan and workout may affect your result in gaining weight and building muscle.

2) Eat more – You’re a hardgainer, so you should eat more, especially healthy food. People eat 1 bowl of rice, then you should eat 2 or 3 bowls of brown rice. You need to increase the food volume after a week or two. If you want to build muscular body, you have to eat more. But, excessively of nutrient may becomes fat.

3) Eat more often – Besides increasing the food volume, you need to increase the number of meals in a day too. People takes 3 meals in a day, but you need to take 7 or 8 meals in a day. Hardgainers digest the foods very fast, if you want to gain weight, you need to take 7 or 8 meals to make sure your muscle can last longer.

4) calories – Do you know that every pound of muscle we gain, it will burn about 20-30 calories each day? With that said, your calories will be burnt faster when your muscle grows faster. You need to take more calories to keep your muscle to last longer, of course you need to have proper diet as well.

5) Frequency of workout – We need to have proper workout, an excessive workout does affect our muscle building too. Do you know our muscle will only be built when we’re resting but not the period during workout? So you need to rest more instead of doing 6 days of workouts in a week, you just have to do 3 days of workouts in a week and let your muscle to rest and build on the rest of the week.

6) Keep your workout short – You should practice doing no more than 2-3 workouts for the individual part, doing more workouts doesn’t mean you can build muscle fast, it may lead to muscle loss due to rising of catabolic hormone level. In fact, catabolic hormone breaks down muscle tissue.

7) Take nutritional supplements – You can take some nutritional supplements, but do remember supplements are not magic pills. In fact, nutritional supplements are used to enhance your workout program and muscle building, but still you have to follow your workout routines and healthy diet plan.

8) Take carbohydrates food – Carbohydrate gives you energy to do workouts everyday, it also provides slow release of energy and enhances your body workability for a whole day. Remember not to take excessively of food which contain carbohydrate too, your body will only absorb nutrient that it needs, your body will store those un-use nutrients and it will becomes fat.

You have follow all the tips but are still finding difficulty gaining weight and building muscle? Besides of following the workout routines and diet plan, and all of the free bonuses, you have to follow Jason Ferruggia’s to build muscle mass. He had his secret on good diet plan and workout routines and turn skinny body to muscular body. Follow his secret plan and get started now!

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Weight Loss and Fitness – Muscle Building

Putting on some muscle mass is key in order for your weight loss and fitness program to be most effective. Since it requires 40 to 50 calories each day to sustain one pound of muscle, adding several pounds of muscle mass will create a calorie deficit that can burn fat quickly.

losing muscle tissue as part of your overall fitness program is not effective weight loss. Ideally, calorie intake is used to feed muscle. With less muscle mass, it takes less calories to maintain body weight, therefore excess calories are turned into fat.

One of the easiest ways to add muscle is to perform progressive resistance type training. Since new muscle growth requires up to 48 hours between workouts to repair and regenerate, this training only takes place 2 – 3 times per week. However, during these “breaks” between exercise, your body will use up calories and burn fat as your muscles develop.

Steady state endurance training, and variable cyclical training are two common categories of exercise that will build muscle. A three mile jog at a fixed pace would fall into steady state while changing up tempo and momentum during that jog would put it into the variable class.

Variable intensity training is a more effective weight loss means than steady endurance because it builds muscle faster, increases cardio health, and it’s just not as tedious or mundane. Also, with steady state endurance training, you are more susceptible to get stuck at one level and impede your advancement.

Here are some methods to add variance to existing training:

change up the number of reps in a set
change up the number of sets in a workout
change up sequences

alternate the order of exercises
rearrange the grouping
substitute the type of routine or alter the number of exercises
adjust the amount of resistance and vary the time spent under certain tensions
modify the number and length of rest periods between sets
try different repetition speeds and range of motion
adjust exercise angles and positions, standing/sitting, equipment settings, inclines
revise how frequent you train and the duration of workouts

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