Weight Training is the Quickest, Easiest Way to Change the Body (Quick Fix Fit Read)

The quickest, easiest, most effective way to change your body is by pumping iron. As a personal trainer, I have watched as females and males between the ages of fourteen and ninety succeed in changing their bodies literally overnight through weight training. I’ve always said, if you choose to lose weight without weight training, you may lose the weight but will have the same old body as before only smaller. With weight, training you can create and reshape a better body. Not long ago, weight training was primarily a male activity.

However, nowadays many women recognize the benefits of weight training. Some women are hesitant to train with weights because they are afraid of bulky muscles. Let me assure you, it is physically impossible for women to get that type of body through weight training alone: to get that body you need to consume many more calories and take steroids. Pumping iron is just a tool used to create a better looking, stronger, healthier body.

Pumping iron will lift your buttocks, firm those wiggly thighs, and tone those muscles on the backs of the arms that we used to see and make fun of on our schoolteachers when they wrote on the chalkboards. You will also build more muscle, which will assist you in becoming a fat-burning machine; with more muscle, you will have the ability to burn fat even as you sleep. I’ve seen my overweight clients have ‘bad eating’ days and miss out on their fat burning walking programs for days, but continue to lift weights to successfully maintain their bodies. Pumping iron gives you more energy, makes you a stronger and more confident person, and helps you to look and feel better than ever.

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