Metabolism Boosting Exercises And How To Eat To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat

Many people are in endless pursuit of an effective method for the loss of excess body fat. A lot of people that have the proper discipline and that get enough exercise fail regardless of their efforts. There are several reasons for failure, some of them are obvious and some are very confusing. I am hoping to debunk some myths and uncover some truths about losing excess body fat. Additionally, I will outline some exercises that I have found to be invaluable to weight loss.

The first misconception about weight loss is that you must eat light foods in order to lose fat, foods such as; leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. Although these foods contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals, they should not be a substitution for high-protein foods, because this will inevitably lead to muscle loss and metabolism slow-down. Vegetables should be eaten in addition to high protein foods, not in substitution of them. Fruits on the other hand should be avoided altogether, when trying to lose fat, because they are full of sugar.

Another huge misconception about weight loss is that cardio vascular exercise will lead to overall fat loss and muscle increase. On the contrary, cardio coupled with a negative calorie deficit will lead to the loss of lean body mass. This has been observed in long distance runners in several longitudinal studies. In order to prevent excessive muscle loss, you must do two things; train with heavy weights and eat lots of protein. Training with heavy weights will maintain muscle mass, and high protein intake will prevent muscle catabolism. You will lose muscle when you lose fat, no matter what! However, with proper technique and diet, you will be able to minimize muscle loss.

Proper nutrition can make or break any weight loss plan. If you eat poorly, not even the most intense training regimen can save you. Before you begin dieting, I recommend gaining some lean body mass. You must consume more calories than you metabolize, in order to build muscle. In other words, you must overeat when trying to gain muscle. But, you must over-eat the right types of foods. These foods should be the same as the foods that you eat on your fat cutting diet (below), however in larger quantities. Below, I have recommended some great exercises that you should perform, while eating lots of high-protein foods.

A few exercises that I recommend performing before beginning your diet are; bench press, pull-downs and squats. These are great exercises to pack on large amounts of muscle before you take the plunge and start cutting fat. They are compound exercises, which mean that they require the movement of more than one joint in the body to complete. Between these three exercises, you will work nearly every muscle in your body. When you feel comfortable performing these major exercises, you may begin to include cardio vascular exercises. But, I would not recommend doing cardio until you have a solid foundation of lean muscle mass. Otherwise, you may lose muscle, leading to metabolic slowdown, and weight gain.

Whence you have gained significant muscle mass, you must switch gears to cut excess body fat. In order to accomplish this, you must eat high protein foods, while limiting fat and calorie intake. This can be very difficult. However the foods should be the same as when you were gaining muscle, foods such as; tuna salad sandwiches on multi-grain bread, eggs, protein bars, chicken breast, etc. In order to be successful, you must have the perspective that food is fuel, and not for enjoyment. After one or two weeks of cutting, you will be regularly hungry (because you body will try to maintain your current weight) and probably bored with your food selection. Hang in there, because results will come quickly if you train hard and eat right

As a precaution, note that a weight loss program is a temporary dietary change. Long-term negative calorie deficits will ultimately lead to feelings of lethargy and weakness. Whence you have achieved your desired weight loss goals, I recommend immediately increasing calorie intake back to the maintenance level.

In conclusion, the steps towards successful fat loss and lean body mass gain are; gain muscle by exercising and eating lots of healthy, high protein foods then; continue to exercise and eat lots of protein and cut calories, and finally; increase calories to maintenance level (neutral calorie intake, i.e. no weight gain or loss) and continue exercising. These steps are very easy to understand, but they are very difficult to perform. Good Luck!

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Muscle Building at 50

I admire people who manage to stay fit even when they are over 50. We all know that looking good entails a lot of effort but have you ever wondered how other people do it? muscle building at 50 is not that difficult like how other people would put it, it’s not impossible to have a great body at this age. You just have to be smart in choosing what kind of workout routine works best for you and your body type. Contrary to what fad workouts dictate, high repetitions will not give you the results that you want. Spending more time in the gym doing pointless repetitions will not do you any good. Another thing is you shouldn’t aim for the number of sets you do every session. The key is intensity! Insufficient effort is always equal to poor results. The only way to gain muscles is to put stress in your body that it’s not used to. Muscle growth is stimulated while training heavy but training with heavy weights alone may actually slow down if not slow down your progress. fitness experts say that repeated intense workout combined with lighter weights will help you tone your muscles and increase their mass. Don’t rush in intensifying your workout, always start small and then increase gradually until you feel some pressure.

One important thing to remember is that you have to keep your heart rate up. sweating while lifting some weights means that blood is flowing. The oxygen delivered by the blood flow actually increases muscle mass and keeps you from dehydration. Always drink water before working out and drink more after you get done.

According to many trainers the “Super Slow” Method will help in achieving faster results. How so? By slowing down the rate of weight lifting, you reduce the natural momentum which then makes the muscle work harder. When we force our muscles to work harder, you gain faster in terms of muscle mass. This method also keeps your heart rate up during your workout which gives you cardio benefits. Some people saw some noticeable results even just working out twice every week. Pay close attention to routines that wrestle the biceps and triceps (extensions and curls). You can also do chest presses to give your chest muscles a workout. For your lower body, you can do leg extensions and curls.

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Biography of Muscle Gain in Women

muscle gain in women is as important as men because it provides them with a composed and erect posture along with fat loss which is one of the most common problems faced by women today. Muscle training and muscle gain in women is not as easy compared to men because women have different hormonal components. Men have hormones that help them to develop muscles much faster as compared to women. Even though the exercises used in the training of muscles for both men and women are similar there are various differences in the approach used for both the genders.

These days the fitness industry only cares for those women who want to lose some weight but there is hardly any solutions for those women want to have some muscle and even gain a little weight. Like the men there are also many women who want to gain muscles and mass due to their lean and thin structures. There are many people who think that slim women are lucky because they don’t have to worry about what they eat. Since they are not putting on any weight by eating and remain skinny and don’t gain a pound.

But the women who are slim have a different approach to this fact because being skinny does not always mean that they look as great. Hence such women should aim to build muscles through exercises and the right diet. Since most of the exercises used in muscle building for both men and women are same they really don’t have to bother with finding too many different exercises for women. But is should be remembered that even women need to do warm ups and cool down sessions before and after the workout sessions respectively.

Another fact is that women should not attempt to lift weights as heavy as men because their body structures are different from each other and hence there are chances of women getting hurt if they lift too much weight. The weight lifted can be gradually increased as more health and fitness levels are achieved. To gain muscles repetitions and intensification of the exercises is also required. Again the muscles should be trained on alternate days so that you don’t exert them to much and they are provided adequate rest.

Some of the most popular exercises done by women are dead lifts, squats, bench press, shoulder presses and chin ups. It is essential that these exercises should be done regularly and women must plan on how many times they must do exercises in a week. It is also essential for women to ear regularly so that they can replenish the lost nutrients of the body. Women who want to gain weigh should focus on eating healthier fatty acids and carbs so that they can gain muscles and mass at the same time.

Meals should be divided it into 5-6 small meals a day and should include all nutrients. Also the exercises should be done with rest periods to avoid strain on the muscles. The best way to gain muscles is through repetitions of these exercises on a regular basis.

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Fitness muscle injury-how do I Prevent workout injuries?

While the old adage “No Pain, no gain ‘ is true when it comes to performance especially when you get used to a new health system, we must not ignore constant warning signs of pain.

It is only natural to feel a little discomfort while exercising, but this should not be left in serious pain. As muscles get actively used lactic acid, micro-tears and other changes that normally bound to occur indicating that fat is burned in muscles.

But if one is experiencing persistent knee or joint pain, back pain or neck aches always recommended to consult a main reason for the physician pain may be because our technique is incorrect, we possess a pathological condition that does not know or get very briefly about too much exercise.

One must always be an exercise routine with a warm-up.A workout should be adjusted on the basis of an age persons, individual differences, the previous exercise routines and overall fitness levels; It is always advisable to do some stretching exercises before actually work as makes the muscles warm and flexible; in this way one can eliminate the strains and muscle pulls.

An ideal warm up must last at least 15 minutes and may include slow jogging in one place, jumping jacks to activate systems cardio and lungs followed by some slow growth helps relax the muscles and get the joints in the form.Hot examinations are too short can lead to serious stretched or Torn cartilage that can take a long time to heal.

You don’t get intimidated by World instructors or friends that you download and strongly influence the exercise just days after recovered from injury, surgery or weakened condition. Although sometimes involves physical therapy exercises may be somewhat discomforting, be harmful during exercise only a brief period after recovery.

Although everyone wants us to achieve our goals fitness should not come at a heavy price. working out Of exaggeration and tries to prove we are “mentally tough ‘ actually do more harm than good to our bodies by maximizing health and achieve a strong and completely toned body.

Before starting a new routine, always make sure that you know the correct technique techniques. Incorrect is one of the most common causes of injury after a brief warm ups and beyond pursuit. is not embarrassed to ask how a specific device works as everyone learns at one time or another in this regard, so there’s nothing to feel awkward about.

Always be aware and mindful of your environment when exercise is very easy to lose balance in a ring, journey to a pavement while jogging or crash into a forthcoming car or bike if you aren’t aware. Pay special attention to surfaces so that you don’t trip and have good reflexes.

Exercise however much you can without exaggeration because sometimes can prevent injuries caused by above working muscles people person from exercising again the key is to start with the levels you can handle and gradually increase your ability to do more. your health and body will thereby benefit greatly.
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