Keeping Muscle Pain To A Minumum

Keeping muscle pain to a minumum…

There are so many variables to keeping muscle pain to a minumum. It depends mainly on you and where you are in your muscle and fitness development. One of the main things you can do is to work your muscles in a pushing of weights one day and then a pulling of weight exercises the next. How much pain is too much and what are you looking to accomplish when lifting weights. When you feel pain you need to workout some more to alleviate the pain, the only rest and healing your muscles need is when you sleep.

Now another thing is what are you looking to accomplish when lifting weights, well for most of us we are going for strength and sculpting with some good solid healthy muscle, but there are others who just want what we call air muscle.
The first is when you lift weight that is to your maximum lifting range and work to increase strength and weight lifting strength. The second is when someone mainly works out with weight that is very light and just does thousands of reps.

There is a happy medium too, which again will help with keeping muscle pain to a minumum, and that is when you feel some discomfort lift a bit less weight for your reps so you can strecth the muscles more. The whole thing with muscle pain is that when you feel pain you are making gains in the muscle, and if you just continue to work through the pain you will alleviate it that way.

When building muscle there is a certain amount of pain that you have to expect or don’t start, when you lift weights you tear the muscle when you sleep it begins to heal over, and that is why you workout again and not let the muscles heal completely or you will feel that pain more. So when you workout again you tear the muscle and the process continues to be painful. When building good solid muscle you want to work through that pain, stretching the muscles back out with the pulling and pushing method is the best and you will be keeping muscle pain to a minumum

Now there is another thing you must do, and that is feed the muscles good proteins and vitamins, by eating a lot of lean meats and good vegetables, fresh vegetables are always best then frozen if you have to, always remember the closer to natural the better, and that goes for all food, the less that it has been played with the better. Most of us know what good food is, but a good guide is think in reverse how it got to your plate, the less that it has been processed the better, shop the outer walls of the store, the parimeter, that is where you will find the good stuff mainly to be..
I hope that this artcle has helped you with your keeping muscle pain to a minumum

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