Fitness Weightlifting – Do You Use Ballistic Movements?

I’m a huge fan of using either plyometric or ballstic movements as part of my pursuit of overall fitness. weightlifting is often a grinding effort. People think that the bodybuilder way of lifting is the only way to do it, lifting up at a 212 count – up over two seconds, hold for 1 second, down for 2 more seconds. That’s one way to do it, sure.

But if you only lift that way? And if you do it in high volume? That’s monotony, not true fitness weightlifting. You think your body can’t figure it out? The body is designed to operate efficiently, and when you’re engaged in fitness, weightlifting, and generally tough activities, you’re trying to inflict damage. The body will take it for a while, then adapt and find a way to conserve effort. You stop growing.

Using fast movements is a great way to mix it up. My favorite is Olympic weightlifting, but you get a lot of bang for the buck with any sort of explosive movement like pylo push ups (where you actually leave the ground), box jumps, or any fast movement.

These moves stimulate your muscles in a totally different way, and will make you really sore if you’ve never done it before. So you have to move slowly, take it easy, and be careful that you don’t injure yourself. Doing too much damage is just stupid. It’s not fitness.

Weightlifting in any form entails risk, but you want to be especially careful here, particularly with any true plyo moves like depth jumps. Stop well short of where you think you should stop, and add slowly from workout to workout.

Try it out. Go to another level with your fitness. Weightlifting doesn’t just mean pushing up and down. Have some fun. Move fast, throw some weight around, and grow.

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