Important Reasons to Add Muscle Mass

muscles are the significant cells of your body that put your body in motion and allow you to implement the thoughts of your mind. Muscles are essential to read this composition, to type a message on your keyboard, to fetch the mail, and even to advance food through the digestive track. Muscles move you in the direction of what you want to obtain and away from what you wish to evade. Without muscles you wouldn’t be alive.

Muscles help you keep your balance, hold your body together and let your joints work so you can move about. Muscles also serve as added padding that guards the bones from damage when you bump into things as you go about your daily activities.

Muscles are comprised chiefly of water (70%) and protein (22%). Muscle mass will decline or atrophy as a result of medical problems (for example, cancer, AIDS, congestive hear disease), aging (termed sarcopenia), or lack of use (most people lead a sedentary life). The body generally balances the functions of protein synthesis and protein degradation. When a cause of muscle atrophy is prevalent, the equilibrium is missing and the level of the synthesis of proteins is surpassed by the degradation of proteins.

Lack of exercise in not just a consideration in muscle loss, but also in the reduction of bone density. Like muscle tissue, healthy bones experience an equilibrium between bone resorption and bone formation. Up to 10% of your bone mass may be experiencing this process at any time. Inactivity is a risk factor that accents bone resorption and diminishes bone formation and can lead to osteoporosis. Exercise that places stress on bones (weight bearing exercises) helps encourage bone formation, as a result reducing the probability of osteoporosis.

Exercise is the most effective way for most people with sedentary occupations to strengthen or tone the muscles and preserve strong bones. It will boost muscle strength by promoting protein synthesis and decreasing protein degradation. Considering the reduced activity of people in the industrialized world and their longer lifespan, exercise and muscle building workouts are more and more vital.

If you have a desire for restoring some lost muscle tone or even developing your muscles, you may be wondering if you need to take any protein supplements. You will see many supplements promoted in health magazines and there are many alternatives offered in health food stores.

Here are the facts about your requirements for protein supplements.

Through effective resistance training, skilled athletes can add up to 2/3 of a pound of lean muscle mass each week. Athletes taking steroids have been known to gain about 1.1 pounds of muscle mass in a week. While many people advocate the use of costly protein supplements to help build muscle mass, the real increased daily protein required to add 2/3 of a pound of muscle in a week (22% of which is protein) is only around 15 grams This can simply be achieved with a daily supplement of a couple glasses of non-fat milk or a mere 3 ounces of chicken. Pricey protein products are not normally needed.

Exercise with its attendant toning or building of muscle mass is an obligation for anyone wanting to stay healthy long into their retirement years. Exercises that build muscle help neutralize muscle atrophy and bone density loss, both considerations in a declining quality of life.

So, stay physically active and build your muscles.

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