To stop childhood obesity in your family

The biggest loser began its 11th season with two new teachers and students. This season includes an Olympic athlete, this didn’t pack on the pounds. However, more and more parents appear with their sons and daughters at the show. Obesity is an epidemic that can be squeezed when you are ready to change and do the work. You must be willing to change so that changes occur. Are you ready to do the work? Is your family life? It is up to Ihnen–no one can force you to lose weight.

If your family obese or overweight is to do something about it. It provides parents a good example of their teens. If your teens will love, you decide that it is time to take and to keep the weight for good. Keep in mind that you are responsible, shopping and teens are eating what you buy. You have one what said what for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allow teens to help with shopping, so you can choose healthy foods that are best for you. Lap once in a while is fine, as long as you know that you are in control.

To lose weight, not to be a battle. First get to the root directory of the weight. I’ve said time and time again there, “Weight has nothing to do with food;” “It has emotions and feelings to do those things get down with.” Perhaps you were teased, if you were a kid and you decided to protect; food Their weight is a barrier between you and others. Perhaps suffered trauma as child abuse, and decided to protect weight. Or perhaps your parents not healthy eating, and highlighted their bad habits. What is the reason, you have that makes, make another choice. You can look forward dealing with your emotions and past behind you and in the future.

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and will try to sell you something. The best way to conquer your weight is to talk to your doctor with a nutritionist and fitness trainer. Be able to tell what is your BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, blood sugar and other vitals. Measure your waist, arms, legs and thighs and let you know where you stand from the health point of view. You will learn your ‘real age’ able, may surprise you. The age on your birth certificate differs from your ‘ the body age; She could be much older. Be the wake up call that may need, because nobody to old will appear.

Their teens have enough pressure on you as it is. If you are overweight or obese, chances are school is hell for you. I have low self-esteem, perhaps you are bullied or worse yet, maybe you are considering, suicide. Can throw away your teens of your life due to the weight. It is a problem that is very easy to change when you are ready to recognize, there is a problem and are willing to do something about it.

Obesity not have to be a way of life. There are people out there who can show you what to eat. Remember these words: everything in moderation. You must not your favorite foods to Opfern–eat in moderation. Make your favorite foods without half fat and use substitute ingredients like applesauce if you bake. Use your imagination. Who knows, could end up writing a cookbook!

The new year is here and it’s time to stop talking, weight to verlieren– it’s time to lose weight. Make it a family affair also if you teens who are overweight. You can benefit from exercise. When you reach milestones, you reward yourself. Mothers and daughters have a spa day or a shop for new clothes. Fathers and sons can go to take you to a sporting event (watch out for the junk food) or a road trip. The family can have a picnic in the Park. Be creative with your rewards. The whole family is happier and healthier and your future just got a little brighter!

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