Enduring and Dealing With Muscle Cramps


A muscle cramp is one of the few things that we can never escape in our lives. One way or another, each and every one of us will have to undergo the painful experience of having cramps. There are ways that we can avoid cramps but first in order to avoid them we must learn to understand what causes them.

Understanding Cramps

Although cramps have been happening to everyone there is still a lot to be understood of what actually causes it. Despite this lack of understanding there are certain factors that are known to contribute to the occurrence of the cramps.

1. One major factor is over exertion of the muscle and fatigue. This can often be caused by over working our muscles during strenuous activities such as sports.

2. Other causes are dehydration where our muscles lose water and other nutrients that is vital to the functions of our muscles.

3. Another not too common cause of cramps is calcification where blood gets stuck in the muscles and coagulates.

4. Aging is another trigger for people to experience cramps. People who are in their puberty stage and old age suffer from cramps than most other age groups.

5. There are cases where even medication can have cramps as side effects so having cramps can often be difficult to predict and prevent.

Despite this, there are certain things that we can do to lessen the likelihood of cramps from happening.

Common ways to prevent cramps

Since cramps can happen to anyone, how to deal and prevent cramps from happening is most often taught in school.

1. We have been taught that in order to avoid experiencing this we should make sure that we do proper stretching and warm up exercises before we engage in strenuous activities. Stretching should be done before and after exercise so that are muscles would not stiffen.

2. Regular exercise can also prevent you from experiencing crams since your body will not be subjected to major shock.

3. Keeping yourself hydrated is also recommended so that acid is not built in your body and muscles.

Treating Cramps

1. When you experience cramps the first thing you should do is not to panic especially if this occurs while you are in the water. Panicking in this situation will not help you and would often result to a much problematic state.

2. Once the cramp sets in it is advisable to stretch the affected area to make the cramps go away. As much as possible try to remain relaxed so that the muscles do not get agitated further. Slowly massage the affected area to help relax the muscles and keep the muscle warm by wrapping a warm towel around the affected areas.

3. During the experience your body may lose fluids due to the stress so be sure to drink a lot of water to help alleviate the stress and replenish the water lost by your body.

Now if you continuously experience cramps and they recur too frequently, it would be best to contact your doctor to have a physical check up. This may no longer be the normal cramps but something that would require immediate medical attention.

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