Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale with Instant Weight, Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass Measurements — includes Built-in Memory for 8 Personal Profiles

Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale with Instant <a href='http://becomingfitforlife.com/link/under'>weight</a>, <a href='http://becomingfitforlife.com/link/build'>body</a> <a href='http://becomingfitforlife.com/link/loss'>fat</a>, Hydration, <a href='http://becomingfitforlife.com/link/lift'>muscle</a> and Bone Mass Measurements -- includes Built-in Memory for 8 Personal ProfilesWith the ability to provide instant weight measurements and calculate body fat, hydration, muscle mass and bone measurements, the Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale is one of the most advanced bathroom scales. With Ozeri?s InstaOn technology, it automatically powers on upon contact ? no more tapping needed to activate the scale. It features 3 Touch Sensitive Buttons for easy operation, and 4 icons that automatically illuminate on the screen for Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle and Bone measurements. The Ozeri Touch includes built-in memory for up to 8 user profiles. Each profile stores weight, gender, height, and age data so that your family members or friends can each track their progress. The Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale combines advanced algorithms with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BI), incorporating a person’s age, height, gender and weight to accurately calculate advanced measurements. BI is a well established and respected method used to estimate body fat and hydration. Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues with a relative high water content which conducts electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that on the other hand displays much less electric conductivity. With BI, the Ozeri Scale sends a weak and harmless electrical current through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. This weak electrical current is imperceptible to the user, and returns back data that is used to instantly calculate the advanced measurements. The Ozeri Touch displays all results on its new easy to read 3-1/2-inch LCD screen in a new bright blue font. It utilizes 4 latest generation G sensors to capture weights up to 400lbs with industry leading accuracy. The scale turns off automatically to conserve battery power, and runs on 2 included Lithium batteries for longer performance than AA and AAA batteries. The scale is made of impact resistant tempered glass which is 4 times stronger than normal glass, and boasts a reflective back surface and elegant design.

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