Aging and Aching Muscles

As we get older we begin to complain more about the pains we get in muscles and joints. When I was younger I couldn’t understand why people that were only 10 or 15 years older than I was complained about the after effects of any sort of exercise (but I’m beginning to see their point of view!).

As we stiffen with age, even commonplace activities such as bending down to pick up the morning newspaper make people wince in the anticipation of the aches.

Some aches and pains that people claim are so fierce that it feels like the aches begin deep in their bones. However amount of stiffness that people experience can be determined by the amount of flexibility a person has in a joint. F, research suggests that the cause is not the bones but in fact the connective tissues that move the joints and in the muscles.

Theor example some people are able to bend over and touch their toes with legs straight, whereas others are not.

Flexibility and ease of movement depends on several factors. In joints such as at the elbow and knee the bone structure itself determines the range of movement. Other joints such as the hip and ankle, soft tissue (muscle and connective tissue) limit the range.

The inflexibility of joints and muscles is similar to how a rarely used gate opens and closes with a rusty hinge. Hence, people stand to lose some potential in motion if they do not regularly move their muscles and joints. This explains why when people try to move a joint after a long period of inactivity they feel discomfort and pain, which then discourages further use.

Infrequent use of muscles and joints causes the shortening of muscles that can lead to cramps and spasms that can be extremely uncomfortable. Infrequent use is not the only cause of sore muscles though. Too much exercise, aging, and immobility can also affect muscle soreness.

Each individual is different and so it is important to know your own limitations in order to avoid sore muscles. What matters most is how people stay fit by doing regular exercise at a normal range, rather than exercising once every so often at a rigid routine.

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