Staying Fit at 40

So you’re in your 40’s and you noticed that you’ve been gaining weight. That’s perfectly understandable because as we get older, our metabolism rate gets slower too. This is also the age when the body becomes weaker. But have you ever wondered how others can still manage to look good and fit? Think about Cher- I’m pretty sure you know her. Looking good and staying fit does not require magic, it entails hard work and self discipline. There are plenty of exercise options out there, you just have to decide which works for you.

At 40, you may need to modify your exercise routine when it comes to intensity. Why? Because of your physical and hormonal changes. The most popular form of exercise for people who are in their 40’s is walking. Walking is perfect if you like a low-impact, less strenuous exercise. However, you must pay attention to form and intensity as well. You want to pump your arms at your sides while you walk to add intensity but make sure you do not over stride.

Another option is biking. If you don’t like the outdoors then you can always do stationary cycling. This will be beneficial to women who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Use a high seat adjustment, low resistance and toe clips. Swimming is also a fun way to burn calories. It will help strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments and it will also improve your flexibility and stability. Don’t overdo it when you’re just starting, 15-20 minutes at a time is good enough in the beginning.

If you don’t like jumping or heavy-duty swiveling, then low-impact aerobics is for you. This type of exercise normally consists of rhythmic movements which involve large muscle groups. There is really no room for overuse injuries which are primarily related with high-impact work out routines making this perfect for people in their 40’s. This is equally appropriate for those people who haven’t exercised for a while and want to stay fit and follow a fitness regimen. Strength training is a must too when you’re over 40. Did you know that muscles shrink up to 2% every year? 20 minutes of weight training is a good start. You don’t have to do it every single day, most fitness experts will tell you to do it 3 times a week.

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