POWERSTRIKE KICKBOXING Vol. 6Back by Popular Demand, Ilaria and her team of Instructors will take you through an all new heart pumping Powerstrike Kickboxing workout!
This intense cardiovascular DVD, based on martial art basic and advanced techniques, will get you fit and in awesome shape allowing you to maintain a target heart rate zone throughout 90% of the workout.
With a whole new series of punching and kicking drills, Ilaria will guide you through her current routines, as always instructing proper form for each move and exercise. You will learn how to execute the typical non-stop flow of strikes with correct technique and to enjoy the fast pace of the workout.
Highly motivating and easy to follow with Ilaria’s personal guided instructions, Powerstrike Kickboxing vol. 6 is safe and highly effective.
Come sweat with Team Powerstrike and get fit, lean and sexy!

Ilaria Montagnani: voted “Best Female presenter 2010” – ECA –


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