Health and Fitness – 2 Important Goods in Life

Health and fitness are 2 of the most important things in life.

By being physically fit, it can make a person look lean both inside and out.

In today’s world there are loads of sports like football, skiing etc. to keep fit and have a good health and fitness but

if you really want to get more muscles, you should do additional physical and special muscle building exercises.

You can prevent many injuries and diseases and help your overall health and fitness just by doing physical exercises

because that way the muscles get stronger and don’t get injured so fast.

Science has proved that people who have a healthy lifestyle and are doing regular physical exercises for their health and fitness simply LIVE LONGER.

Let me stress that again. Just by building muscles and doing exercise 2 to 3 times a week you may live 10 years LONGER!!

Also the chances are much lower that you will have to have your own home nurse and cannot care for yourself.

There are Japanese people that have been very active during their live with Karate, Kendo, Kug-Fu et cetera, who are still snowboarding every year. With 77 YEARS!! Just because they had an eye on their health and fitness in their lifes.

-By doing some sports like basketball, jogging, and so on you keep yourself fit.

-By doing physical exercises and building muscles you can prevent injuries and can

do some crazy stuff as snowboarding with 77 years 🙂

So my tip for you is to just do something for your health and fitness

througout your life and you’ll be

leading a way longer and way cooler life than those so called couch potatoes.

I hope through this article I was able to get you off your chairs

and show you how important doing something for your body is.

I wish you all the best on your way to a better human.

Ways You Can Use to Achieve Fitness in Muscle Sculpting

It is everyone’s dream to achieve a perfect body, however achieving that seems to be an uphill task for some. And besides there is no such thing as a perfect physique. However, we can still make use of the powerhouse exercises to considerably build muscle sculpted physique. One good advantage of using the “Powerhouse” is you gain a very sculpted physique without adding too much stress to your system such as the bone joints and cartilages.

Muscle sculpting is a means of achieving fitness by replacing the original body with curves, natural strength, and lines. There are many ways of achieving this, these ways are through dancing, exercises, aerobics, strength training, endurance etc. Just as i mentioned earlier, the Pilate Powerhouse machines is one instrument used for also churning out a stunning physique. While you are doing your Muscle sculpting exercise, special attention should be paid at areas such as the small and large muscle groups in your system.

You will also consider things such as your diet, learn all about sculpting, types of exercises, and types of muscle sculpting adapted to different bodies. The muscles are our vigor, strength, and force. The muscles give us sturdiness and weight, strength, might, and movement abilities.

If you can afford a monthly subscription in the gym, hence the gym can give you all the equipment you ever wanted. Keep in mind that gymnasiums often run monthly specials, holiday’s specials, and so on. You can get all the deals, hence, it can get you started to working in achieving a Sculpted Physique. For now, you can begin working out at home.

You can take long walks, jog, run, skate, ski, bicycle, swim, and so forth to strengthen the body. In fact, swimming is ideal for building resistance, endurance, strength, energy and more. Swimming is one of the best exercises since it works the entire body. Walking is also good, since it too works the entire body. Bicycling will promote joint strength, strength of muscles, and will augment the energy. You can also use bicycling as resistance training, especially if you ride up hill, or in areas where you have to use additional strength to pull the cycle.


Do You Feel Let Down by the Results Your Getting From Your Muscles Exercise Routine?

Changing one simple thing during your muscles exercise could change the entire results you are getting. This simple thing is the one that almost anyone over looks.

Usually for muscles exercise one widely accepted concept on timing is that the lifting should be under full muscular control, the pause should be temporarily, and then the lowering again under full muscular control. For those who are seeking a higher result than average people a different system would be valid in many situations.

Many have overlooked the concept of timing during exercise, it is believed that timing is only important in aerobics and not weightlifting, but this is a real misconception. Altering the tempo of your muscles exercise routine is very important, for example in some occasions slow training is ideal and gives better results although on other occasions it is better to train fast, it all depends from the individuals and the results wanted.

One thing we all know is that the human body adapts to anything with ease and acts in response to different variables, so by changing the speed of exercise the body will adopt to these alterations. Speed of muscles exercise is extremely important when trying to achieve maximum results. One of the often-neglected aspects of speed is the pause, for example for bench-pressing it has been shown that a pause of four seconds while the muscle is contracted has an improved effect in muscle power.

In order to develop maximum strength research shows that slow-speed lifting done with heavy weights has a distinct advantage over high-speed lifting. By slowing down the movement there is an increase in duration of the stimulus and the level of tension on the muscle; this increases the development of the muscle muss. Research shows that varying the speed of muscles exercise instead of keeping it constant has a greater overall impact.

One thing to bear in mind when altering the speed of muscles exercise is that only athletes that have a solid base of maximum strength should apply this type of technique, at the beginning it is better to perform slowly and develop the muscles before starting to use advanced techniques. For bodybuilders though it is safe and advisable to alter the speed of training to create maximum adaptation. Fact remains that slow speed muscles exercise make the muscle work harder but at the same time slow speed muscles exercise should not be the only way to exercise as muscle requires a variety of stimuli for optimal growth.

Another important muscles exercise principal related to timing to understand is “Rest Intervals”, and that there is an inverse relationship between rest and reps: The more the reps, the lighter the weight and the smaller the rest. It seams though that the nervous system cells take longer to recover then muscle cells, meaning that the nervous system is not fully recovered to effectively activate the muscle fibres accountable for growth. Counting repetitions for maximum muscles exercise results is important but is also important to know how long you rest between exercises, hence calculating how long it takes for a complete set

How to Be Fit After 55

Is it possible to be fit after 55? People used to think that rapid deterioration of our body was an inevitable part of growing older, but these days it is not uncommon for over 55’s to run marathons or compete in long distance triathlons. So are these people genetic freaks, or is it possible for everyone to be fit after 55?

The research is quite clear – there is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows that exercise can not only slow down the symptoms of aging, but in fact reverse them – that’s right, you can be in better health in your 60’s than you were in your 40’s!

What the evidence shows is that many of the symptoms that we normally associate with normal aging are in fact the result of our modern, sedentary lifestyles.

The problem:

There are four areas of major concern:

muscle Mass:

Muscle Mass isn’t about having big muscles, it is about mobility and independence, being able to easily do the things we used to take for granted.

Without exercise, muscle mass decreases rapidly as we age – once we pass 30 we start to lose around 3%-5% of muscle mass per decade, and after 50 it increases to 1%-2% per year!


Endurance also decreases as we age, and this decline shows a direct correlation to mortality rates. In a recent study researchers looked at the relationship between the speed at which 70-79 year olds walked a quarter of a mile, and their risk of premature mortality. What they found was that the slower people walked, the higher their mortality risk from illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.


As almost anyone over 55 knows, flexibility decreases rapidly with age. This makes simple tasks, such as cutting your toenails or reaching up to a high shelf, increasingly difficult.


Balance is often left out of fitness programs, but for those over 55 it is vital – poor balance is a major factor in the falls suffered by seniors. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among Americans over 65, falls account for 87% of all fractures and are the second leading cause of spinal cord and brain injury.

The solution:

So what can be done? Is it too late to get back in shape? The good news is that it is never too late to get back in shape. Research at nursing homes has shown that patients as old as 98 can make dramatic improvements in their strength, endurance, flexibility and balance if they adopt a program of regular exercise.

How much exercise do you need?

The American College of Sports Medicine have recently published guidelines for physical activity for the over 55s. Their recommendations are:

Aerobic/Cardio Exercise:

This includes walking, running, swimming, dancing, biking, exercise classes, etc. The recommendation is that you should perform moderate-intensity aerobic exercise five days per week for at least 30 minutes. Alternatively, perform vigorous aerobic exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes three times per week.

They define moderate intensity as exercise that makes you feel “warm and slightly out of breath,” and vigorous exercise as that which makes you feel “out of breath and sweaty.”

Resistance Exercise:

These are exercises designed to strengthen muscles, and include weight training, resistance bands, etc. The recommendation is to perform resistance exercises twice per week, on non-consecutive days. You need to perform at least 8 – 10 exercises that work all the major muscle groups. If you are unsure how to do this, consult a trainer.


In order to maintain flexibility, you should perform activities that maintain or increase flexibility for at least ten minutes, twice per week. This can be a variety of stretches, or an activity like yoga.


Vital for reducing the risk of injury from falls, you should regularly perform exercises that maintain or improve balance. Again, yoga is an excellent choice, or alternatively consult a coach.


If you have not exercised for a long time, or are planning on increasing your exercise levels, you should check first with your doctor. However, most people 55+ will have no problem increasing their physical activity to a moderate level.

Regular exercise will stop or indeed reverse many of the symptoms of aging, helping you to look and feel years younger.