Exercise and the Elements of Physical Fitness

To be physically and mentally fit you have to take up physical fitness exercise. Physical activity and exercise is a must to maintain your body in a good condition. If you want to maintain your physical fitness and your health then you have to make it a routine to take up physical fitness exercise every day.

Exercise helps to forestall diseases. One of the main advantages of physical fitness exercise is that it helps to maintain moderate blood sugar. Some diabetics who follows a regular fitness routine need not take medicine at all. He/she can find that their blood sugar level reduces to a great extent. Physical exercise is also helpful to obese people.

Apart from physical fitness exercise you will also have to take proper care of your diet. Proper nutritious diet together with fitness exercise and proper rest to the body will result in a good healthy life.

Physical workouts are important to maintain a healthy and attractive body. It is also important for your general health and well being. A regular amount of exercise and activity is required for your body to strengthen and stay fit and healthy. This will help you to live longer than you would otherwise do.

The five elements of fitness exercise are:

Cardiovascular survival is the first work out fitness exercise. This means the ability of the body to carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the body. It also means the capability of the body to discharge the wastes from the body over affirmed periods of time. The cardiovascular exercise includes but not limited to running, walking, skating and bicycling. You can do any exercise which helps your body to warm up and your heart going. The cardiovascular exercise is usually practiced as a warm up activity before any workout for the body is done. Cardiovascular fitness exercise helps in improving stamina of the body. They also help in trimming and toning of the legs, thighs and hips.

Muscular Strength:

The second type of fitness exercise is to maintain muscular strength. Muscular strength means the ability of the muscles to wield force for a brief point of time. Muscular endurance is the power of a muscle or group of muscles, to be capable to maintain iterated compressions or to proceed to employ force against a neutral object.


Flexibility is a crucial type of physical fitness workout. It deals with the body’s flexibility. This refers to the power to move joints and make use of your muscles through the full range of movement. Workouts for tractability are the part of a good physical fitness plan.

Body Composition:

Lastly a physical fitness program or exercise should also consider the body composition. Composition means lean mass and fat mass of the body. Exercise aiming for the body composition is an important part of your physical fitness. You should be able to perform the correct set of workouts for your own body. Physical Fitness Program.

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