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Hi guys and gals,
My name is Tony, Thank you for visiting becomingfitforlife /diet solution site. I have always had to work harder to keep my abs, and especially to keep the weight at bay growing up. When I was in my teens it was easy to have time to do all of the things needed to keep myself in fairly good shape. Like riding bikes, swimming, running around playing ball etc. I was the guy that changed weight all the time. We didn’t sit around the house and play video games all day back then either. We wanted to be outside running around. Well as I got older I found myself with less and less time to do all of the things that kept the weight at bay growing up. I began to put on fat in my belly my weight was up and down for years and I tried diets and would get the weight off for a while and slowly I would put it back on, but when I found the diet solution a light went on and I found so much good food that I can eat without gaining the weight back and have been at a good weight for 2 years now. Yes I do eat food I probably shouldn’t once in a while but not all the time so I manage with exercise and some of what I learned from Diet Solution. That is the best part about diet solution I don’t follow it 100% and I still mange my weight. Good luck with your weight loss and if you decide to try diet solution I hope you have the success I have had.


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