Muscle and fitness-the first key to achieving your goals

Lets talk about what you term as muscle and fitness–the first key.

In a previous article, I went through the “three keys to success ‘ in any system of muscles and fitness.

I remember ‘–BE–USE ‘?

Here is just a very quick overview of what was about:

1. Decide what you want. What are your goals?

2. Decide what the necessary steps, that should be able to achieve these objectives.

3. Select what you need to be. What should be done in order to what is necessary to have what you want?

If you are at all confused about this article, please reread them again if necessary. You really have the right to do so in order to achieve anything you choose to do, including achieving any kind of success with your fitness goals.

Assuming you have an understanding of the meaning you as soon as I have discussed, here are the ten most important steps of key ‘ A ‘:

1. get a note pad and pen. Allows you to name the top of the page muscle and fitness goals.

2. The record of the day and date just below the title.

3. decide what is your goal When ultimate fitness. all said and done, what you really want to have from your muscles and fitness regime? What is it that you’re trying so hard to get the end result? Write it.

4. it is not enough to want just one thing, because it will feel motivated to do something well if this is all there is to it. This allows you to justify it.

There are other benefits of your training programme you want to achieve? This is the time to think.Just think about what you want.

For example, could become more aerobically fit and weight loss, while increasing your lean muscles, increasing your confidence and build your joints. I think the benefits would have the effect of your training routine and the ultimate objective to “3” above.Write them.

5. Take your time.Don’t rush it. Just review what you’ve written so far.Is everything you want to ‘ SET ‘ written in your Note pad?

If so, great.If not, then continue to write down your goals. do this until just now, don’t you think or until your head hurts.

6. Now just don’t touch everything and go about your daily routine. Forget about what you’ve written just for a few days.Just give yourself a break.You can come back later to your muscles and fitness Have key.

7. after a few days, I want to look through what you subscribe to some of you will have only a few lines done, while others may have written an essay. Way either is a good one. I just read it again.

8. is there anything you’d like to add? if so, write it.Any ideas that spring to mind, write those too.If you are satisfied with the end result-great.

9. Now it is time to rewrite these objectives. transition to a new page of your Note pad and give it the same name again–muscles and specialised health objectives.Then Write the date directly beneath it.

You should shorten your goals so that they are practical and achievable after a certain interval. at the same time be the essence of what you want to achieve by the end of your training program; for example:

If one of your goals is to lose weight, then word per annum to be specific, limited and is actually what you want to accomplish.So I wrote it like this:

“I achieve a weight loss of 16 lbs by 5 March 2005.”


“I can increase my size arm on 16 inches by 21 April 2005.”

Here’s what I mean?

10. Now that you have written your goals, and again, I would like to receive a card.Lets say ‘ Card ‘ size. rewrite the title: my muscles and fitness goals and the date of your program.

Now write to these specific objectives on your card. They are now ready to be a part of your routine whenever training. you’re going to start your training, you just charge these objectives.

As you see yourself to perform exercises. Feel your muscles work, your heart pump and how great it is to achieve your goals.

You Have got to write down your goals on three occasions. Did you notice that?


Because I want to–

* Defining these objectives in your heart and in your mind.

* Be passionate about these objectives means so much to you.

* To feel the benefits as if you already have achieved your goals

* To see the benefits as if they already did.

To conclude, follow these steps 10. Please be patient. focus and I think this will help, even if you are doubtful. When most people fail, is where they think negative. Once you start this negative thought process, I have corrupted your chances of success on that occasion. If so, the correct immediately and continue.

Muscle and fitness is the key ‘ EXISTS ‘; still present keys ‘ BE ‘ and ” to go but, and this is for my next article. make sure you read all the related articles and you’ll be well on your way to success in your muscles and fitness program.

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Fitness and Muscle Building

fitness and muscle building is a lifestyle choice that you need to effectively build muscle and be fit while accomplishing your goals. Not everyone will have the drive that it takes to reach certain goals in this field. Like anything you must be committed to training and a good quality diet to reach your intended goals.

Most fitness and muscle building candidates go the gym with a well-defined belief that there is no such thing as training too frequently, too much or too large. It is not worthwhile to spend respectable time to construct a Régimen effective training for themselves.Then there is the myth that if some is good, more will surely be better this misunderstanding is the driving force behind more new and hard last weight train for durability, strength and size.

Training on these principles ultimately resulted in a lack of muscle growth and to tackle this problem lay in more training and results go from bad to worse. Therefore, it is a good time to face the truth.

In the sport of fitness and muscle building effort and effects do not show evidence of a linear relationship. in contrast, our bodies are fuel combustion entities that are too complex and delicate. Inappropriate and excessive training breaks harness these balances. Simply put, if you write your energy reserves faster than they are to be replenished, will destroy the entire mechanism of power, strength and ability to recuperate.

If you’re a novice bodybuilder, must receive the House prepared to handle increased levels of stress rather jump drive to achieve your goals quickly.It is prudent for the beginners to keep their workout schedule for a maximum of three days per week, training the whole body in every workout and training each muscle group with a maximum of three sets per exercise. each set to the total failure, not mental failure but injury.In other words, don’t quit mentally before your body says for itself to end.

Bring a variety of types of exercises is employed.If you take up exercise “A” for a group of muscles in one workout and then take up exercise “B” for the same group of muscles the next workout.

Division training is recommended for advanced bodybuilding professional ranking list. If your workout schedule includes made four days a week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a separate body parts so half of the House he has worked on Monday and the other half on Tuesday.

As a sneakers building muscles need to increase your protein intake with considerable sums of money than you can occupy in a normal working life; just your protein consumption significantly increases your muscle size, will increase gradually.In fact, if you’re a hard gainer then this can save you the root problem. As per modern templates you need at least two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. A 150 pound individually, for example, you need at least 300 grams of protein per day, to increase the size of muscles, but more bodybuilding professional ranking list does not take even fifty percent of this requirement.

Finally, your program training should emphasize more on using free weights more than machines and always make sure you have warmed up prior to start weightlifting for muscle building.

For more information, see our affiliate website for Fitness and Muscle Building


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Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Do you find it hard to gain weight and build muscle even though you eat like a monster? To gain weight and build muscle you need to eat a lot of foods, and do workouts to build muscle mass, but you have to follow the right eating plan. The experts say that we build muscle the most when we’re sleeping, so you need to eat before you go to bed. Besides this, you need to eat after workouts because your muscles will be in repairing mode, so you must feed them as soon as possible with healthy foods.

You can’t be eating 3 meals in a day like normal people, if you want to build muscle mass, you need to eat 8 meals in a day. All the 8 meals are not big meals, but small quantity of healthy foods. You just have to feed your body with what it can absorb. If you’re eating big meal, your body doesn’t need all the nutrients from the meal, your body will store it and it becomes fat. Here is an eating plan for you to gain weight and build muscle :

1) Protein – Protein is the building block of muscle, if you don’t take a lot of protein, your muscles never grow mass. After you’ve done your workouts, you need to eat food which contains protein to recover your muscle. Also, your muscles build the most when you sleep, so you need to eat protein before you go to bed too. You can eat some foods which contain lot of protein, such as chicken, red meat, fish and eggs.

2) Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates gives you energy to do more workouts in the gym. Carbohydrates also provides slow release energy to keep your energy level up for the whole day. But, you can’t be eating food which contains carbohydrates excessively, you can take small doses of carbohydrates in each meal. If you take too much of it, your body will store it and it will become fat. You can eat foods which contain carbohydrates in every meal, such as whole grain wheat, brown bread, brown rice and potatoes.

It’s a general eating plan to gain weight and build muscle. Eating big meals and doing excessively of workouts don’t help in building muscle, so you have to manage it wisely.

Are you sick of not seeing any results even though you follow the eating plans? If you want to see a good result in short time, you need to follow one of our top affiliates proven program to Gain Weight and Build Muscle. He was a skinny guy who found it difficult to gain weight and build muscle, His name is Skinny Vinny!


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The Simple Basics of Building Muscle

I’m going to simplify the process of building muscle for you. So if you’re looking to gain muscle mass, you’ll definitely want to read this entire article.

The more weight you lift, the more overload you put on the muscles. As a result of this increased overload, the more muscle you build.

And that’s a good thing because gaining muscle is not a difficult thing to do, as long as you do 2 things right.

1. Lift heavier weights over time.

2. Eat supportively to grow muscle

Let’s tackle each of those here.

The key to muscle growth is overload. Not just lifting a weight, but  weight that gets heavier, over time.

Here is a simple example to gain muscle. First week, lift 20 pounds. Next week, try 22 pounds. Next week, 25 pounds.

Progressively lift heavier weight over time, this forces the muscle to respond to that additional stress by getting bigger.

You must eat enough good calories to begin building muscle. Lift progressively heavier weight and eat enough quality calories.

That’s muscle growth, in it’s most simplest form.

Here are some real numbers of the weight that I was lifting not long after beginning, but remember to be safe and don’t try to life to much early on you must be comfortable with the weight you choose.

Flat bench press–285 pounds

Incline bench press 215 pounds

Squats 385 pounds

Alternate dumbbell curls–50 pounds each arm

Straight bar bicep curls–100 pounds

Seated dumbbell shoulder presses–50 pound dumbbells

1 arm dumbbell rows–60 pounds

About 12 weeks after, my lifts were:

Flat bench press–365 pounds

Incline bench press 265 pounds

Squats 525 pounds

Alternate dumbbell curls–80 pounds each arm

Straight bar bicep curls–145 pounds

Seated dumbbell shoulder presses–90 pound dumbbells

1 arm dumbbell rows–120 pounds

And guess what happened as a result? Yes, I gained about 20 pounds of muscle in this time period, because I forced my body to do it.

It was this increase in overload that made my muscles respond and get bigger. I also ate enough protein and calories to give the raw materials needed.

The whole point of this is to show you how muscle gains are going to occur. By lifting more weight, over time.

Nothing else will stimulate muscle growth. So if you’ve been lifting the same weights for the past year or more, chances are, you haven’t gained very much muscle.

So, to change this, start trying to increase all of your lifts the next time you workout.

Muscle growth occurs from lifting heavy and eating supportively. If you continued to lift the same old weight over time and time again, your body has no need to create new muscle growth and strength.

It can already handle what it’s doing with what you have.

And finally, always keep a written journal or log for your workouts. If you are at all serious about building muscle and increasing strength–this is a must.

It’s the only way you can keep track of your lifts and know when its time to go up in weight.

Just use a small pocket notebook and write all your lifts and weights used in it.

Please do this–it’s that important.

Let’s say you didn’t use a notebook and decided to go by memory. Say that you had a great bench day and ended up going up 5 pounds in weight.

But you fail to write it down and think, “I’ll remember that I went up.”

Now, a week goes by and you’ve totally forgotten the weight you used last bench day, so bench time comes around again and you’re scratching your head, wondering what it is you last did for weight.

Chances are you’re going to put on your old weight, not the new weight (that you added 5 pounds to). When that happens, you went backwards and have lost the progress you made.

Believe me, forgetting your weights happen.

You have 30 or so exercises to keep track of, it’s easy to forget one or two of your weights.

And if you forget a weight and do the same weight again when you should have went up, you just wasted your time and energy.

You just did something you were already capable of doing and have missed the chance to increase the overload you were using (and in turn, the muscle and strength that would have come with the new overload).

Please use a journal for your workouts. It’s just one of the simple basics of building muscle.

Start building muscle in the least amount of time possible. If you would like more information you can go to our website for Building Muscle!!!!

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