Tips for Diet Fitness

diet fitness is the only way to go if you want to lose weight and you want your body to be healthier. Too many people need to lose weight and get fit, but don’t make time in their life for it. Instead, they try fad diets and miracle pills that claim to take off the weight without any effort. The only thing these people are losing is their money. The truth is dieting and getting fit require dedication, changes to your current routine, and getting more exercise.

To lose weight, you need to use up more calories each day than you consume. If you consume more than you use then the extra calories are stored as fat. The most effective way to lose weight and get fit is to reduce the amount of calories you consume and to increase the amount of physical activity you engage in daily. Diet fitness involves a combination of the two will help you drop the pounds, get fit, feel better physically and mentally, and reduce your chances of heart related health issues.

People often view a diet as starvation and set themselves up to fail from the very beginning. Diet fitness is about giving your body what it needs without feeling deprived. If you consume large amounts of sugary foods including junk food and soda, then a great deal of your daily calories are empty calories that give you nothing. Replace that soda with water or sugar free tea. Replace that bag of potato chips with pretzels. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar grab and apple. Diet fitness means you get to eat, you just need to make some drastic changes to your eating habits.

Diet fitness isn’t easy. It if was, everyone would be doing it. The first few weeks are the hardest. As you start to feel better because of the foods you are consuming and the exercise you are getting, you will become very excited and motivated to continue doing it. Most people don’t get to that point because they have very little willpower. I am telling you now your body will start going through withdrawals for those unhealthy foods because it has been programmed to get them for so long.

Diet fitness can happen if you are dedicated to succeeding. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever have a slice of chocolate cake again or some ice cream. It just means you can’t have them every day and that you need to eat better and get more physical activity in your life. Completely removing such favorite foods from your life will lead your diet fitness plan into failure.

To feel better, live longer, and look your best, diet fitness needs to be implemented into your lifestyle. While these changes may seem drastic at first they will become routine over time. Make sure you plan a menu and stick to it. Plan an exercise routine as well and stick to it. You will see results and be glad you did it. A diet fitness plan is the best gift you can give yourself.

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2 Best Exercises For Serious Fitness Gains!

Serious fitness can be achieved a number of ways, however I am a firm believer in smart training, as much as, hard training. In order to get serious about your fitness and obtain your goals you must include kettlebell training into the equation. To me there is no better way to incorporate both the use of your body and the dynamic nature of movement against a good steady resistance than by using this device. Check out the following 2 kettlebell exercises that I have included to take your serious muscle mass and fitness program to all new heights.

1. The Kettlebell Swing: This is the most basic lift that you can perform with the kettlebell. The swing or double arm kettlebell swing is done by you picking the bell up with both arms and swinging it like a pendulum from between your legs up to chest level. This is accomplished by forcefully flexing and then extending at your hips and knees in order to generate the necessary force and momentum to swing the kettlebell. This single lift utilizes hundreds of your muscles at one time to pull it off. Not only is it great for building lean muscle mass, but it is second to nothing in helping you to develop a superior level of cardiovascular conditioning.

2. The Long Cycle: This is a lift that basically incorporates the movement of single arm swinging the bell between your legs, cleaning it to your chest, and then ending by performing an overhead push press or jerk. To do this lift you must have a confident feel of how you should perform the hip snap. This is again the movement that involves forcefully flexing and extending at both the hip and knee joints in order to swing the bell. The key to doing this properly is learning how to do it without the bell having a wide arc that pulls away from your body, therefore causing you to slap yourself on the forearm when you rack it in the clean. Once you master this then performing the push press is the easy part. All you do is once again initiate your hips and knees to give your body a “vertical pop” to lock the kettlebell out overhead. From here you simply transition back into the swing between your legs to perform the process over again. This is a great lean muscle mass and conditioning exercise. If you are wanting to get serious about your fitness then you must take the time to include kettlebell training into your program. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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