Biography of Muscle Gain in Women

muscle gain in women is as important as men because it provides them with a composed and erect posture along with fat loss which is one of the most common problems faced by women today. Muscle training and muscle gain in women is not as easy compared to men because women have different hormonal components. Men have hormones that help them to develop muscles much faster as compared to women. Even though the exercises used in the training of muscles for both men and women are similar there are various differences in the approach used for both the genders.

These days the fitness industry only cares for those women who want to lose some weight but there is hardly any solutions for those women want to have some muscle and even gain a little weight. Like the men there are also many women who want to gain muscles and mass due to their lean and thin structures. There are many people who think that slim women are lucky because they don’t have to worry about what they eat. Since they are not putting on any weight by eating and remain skinny and don’t gain a pound.

But the women who are slim have a different approach to this fact because being skinny does not always mean that they look as great. Hence such women should aim to build muscles through exercises and the right diet. Since most of the exercises used in muscle building for both men and women are same they really don’t have to bother with finding too many different exercises for women. But is should be remembered that even women need to do warm ups and cool down sessions before and after the workout sessions respectively.

Another fact is that women should not attempt to lift weights as heavy as men because their body structures are different from each other and hence there are chances of women getting hurt if they lift too much weight. The weight lifted can be gradually increased as more health and fitness levels are achieved. To gain muscles repetitions and intensification of the exercises is also required. Again the muscles should be trained on alternate days so that you don’t exert them to much and they are provided adequate rest.

Some of the most popular exercises done by women are dead lifts, squats, bench press, shoulder presses and chin ups. It is essential that these exercises should be done regularly and women must plan on how many times they must do exercises in a week. It is also essential for women to ear regularly so that they can replenish the lost nutrients of the body. Women who want to gain weigh should focus on eating healthier fatty acids and carbs so that they can gain muscles and mass at the same time.

Meals should be divided it into 5-6 small meals a day and should include all nutrients. Also the exercises should be done with rest periods to avoid strain on the muscles. The best way to gain muscles is through repetitions of these exercises on a regular basis.

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Starting Strength (2nd edition)

Starting <a href=''>strength</a> (2nd edition)Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training is the new expanded version of the book that has been called “the best and most useful of fitness books.” It picks up where Starting Strength: A Simple and Practical Guide for Coaching Beginners leaves off. With all new graphics and more than 750 illustrations, a more detailed analysis of the five most important exercises in the weight room, and a new chapter dealing with the most important assistance exercises, Basic Barbell Training offers the most complete examination in print of the most effective way to exercise.

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Luscious – The Bellydance Workout for Beginners

Luscious - The Bellydance Workout for BeginnersLavish and overflowing with deep, rich, feminine movement, Luscious: The Bellydance Workout is made of 100% of bellydance moves and steps It is gentle, but it will work your body to enhance your muscle tone, flexibility, and fluidity, and promote weight loss. With a special focus on muscle conditioning and elongation, the program works each group of muscles deeply – using carefully built combinations to switch between muscle groups and add intensity to the workout.

Lusscious: The Bellydance Workout features gorgeous music and a beautiful flow undiluted by conventional exercises. Systematically addressing each group of muscles to deliver a total body workout, it creates an entertaining and aesthetically fulfilling dance experience inspiring you to do your best in executing each move with the proper depth, range of motion, and articulation.

A true dance experience as much as a fitness experience, Luscious is beginner level, but it offers you a perspective of challenge and growth. The workout consists of 7 sections, each building consistently upon the dance vocabulary covered in the previous sections through its own series of combinations. The combinations include classic bellydance transitions between steps to help you create the muscle memory to ingrain dance in your body.

Luscious is an instructional workout. It introduces the dance vocabulary in a careful, systematic way and contains an extensive tutorial section breaking down each move used in the workout.

If this is one of your first steps in bellydance, this program will be a fun introduction to all the basic groups of bellydance moves and transitions. If you are a dancer, it s a great way to practice the core of the bellydance technique and vocabulary through functional drills performed in the context of dance combinations and transitions creating an extra layer of muscle memory that isolated drills do not provide.

Workout duration – 45 min.

Tutorial section – 50 min.

The Circles section explores circular bellydance moves. It follows a slow-to-moderate tempo, working both the lower and upper body through isolations.

Next is the Infinity Loops section. Together with the stretching and toning impact of every move in this section, infinity loops are the ultimate exercise in fluidity.

Undulations maintain flexibiilty of your spine and help develop deep awareness of your core. They are also a challenging full-body muscle-conditioning exercise.

The bellydance hipwork section exercises your thighs, glutes, and abdominal muscles. In the Hip Accents section we ll perform traditional bellydance hip moves and then weave them together with the fluid movements: circles, infinity loops and undulations. Hipwork is what gives bellydance such vibrancy and party appeal – these steps look great on any dance floor.

The Shimmy – that effortless shaking of the hips – is actually hard work! Join us to shake your way through a few styles of shimmy, and enjoy the wide range of shimmy flavors.

The Body Line section is built of moves involving your total body. It shifts focus from working individual body parts to dance steps that offer the most stretching and give you a dancerly posture and carriage.

The last section is a short dance routine choreographed entirely of the bellydance moves featured in the workout.

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