Vince Delmonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” Program

There are several facts that a review of Vince Delmonte’s “No Nonsense muscle Building” needs to take in account in order to offer the potential customers a general idea of its benefits. The first thing is looking at the pictures of the author. Vince was quite skinny and he still managed to pack around with lean muscle, so this would be definitely a pro.

The second thing you need to look into when reviewing a muscle-building program is whether the author is a natural iron pumper, because everybody knows how dangerous and threatening the performance augmenting drugs are for individuals. The third thing you need to look into is whether it is starting from scratch for the beginner builder and working after that all the way to the top level of building muscle.
Vince Delmonte’s main electronic book of his original program is stuffed with illuminating information about the proper methods to exercise and the right way of eating. In truth, you will be more likely to be ready to reduce your gymnasium time length and preserve similar results or improve them as well.

Vince Delmonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” is a program that is way far of being a scam. It is not an easy program, you will have to work very hard in the gymnasium but all the effort will be worth. The power of Vince Delmonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” has been proven by lots of users and it remains one of the top muscle building programs currently on the market.
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The #1 Factor In Your Fitness Success

Just the other day, someone asked me what I thought was the #1 “Most Important Factor” in determining how fit and muscular you became.

They wanted to know if it was Cardio, weight Training, or Proper nutrition. I think my answer may have puzzled him a bit because I said it was none of those.

After I thought about the question for a few minutes, I told him that there was a more important factor that preceded any of those he mentioned.

I told him it was your attitude that determined your fitness levels and what type of condition you’ll achieve.

You see, proper nutrition, supplements, cardio exercise, and weight training are all important factors, but it is your attitude that determines how hard you focus on each of those areas.

Generally speaking, your attitude is simply how you view things in life, how you see something to be.

More specifically, you either have a positive view, or slant on things, or a negative view. This attitude shines through in all that you do, including working out and dieting.

If you generally have a good, positive attitude towards fitness, then you are going to approach working out with more intensity and more meaning.

You realize that in order to achieve and maintain a certain level of conditioning, you have to “pay the price” and put in some hard work.

But working out does not seem to be a “chore” with a positive attitude.

You look forward to it and feel positive knowing that the steps you take in and out of the gym are going to bring you closer to the body that you want.

On the other hand, if you approach working out and dieting with more of a “negative attitude” you are either going to:

1. Do nothing at all as far as working out and eating healthy because it all seems like so much hard work to get in great shape.

Since working out seems like a chore, you find it much easier just to sit back and complain about your current situation, doing nothing to fix it.

With a negative view, you label “working out” as too much hard work and do not take the necessary steps to get the body you want. That’s why it’s important to view working out in a positive light and not a negative one.

Focus more on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Or, with a negative attitude:

2. You are going to do the bare minimum when it comes to working out and watching what you eat.

With a negative mindset, you’re maybe going to go to the gym once in a while, but once there, not give it your 100% all.

When it comes time to maintain a healthy eating regimen, you are not going to be quite as strict as you should be and you are going to give in to “instant pleasure” when the long term rewards seem so distant and far away.

So be more aware of your mindset and attitude when it comes to working out and getting fit.

Like Zig Ziglar says, “Do a check-up from the neck up.”

If you approach bodybuilding with a positive attitude, you ARE going to take the necessary steps to get in shape, even when it would be so much easier to stay in and watch TV.

You realize that persistence will pay off and that all of these workouts and times skipping the pizza WILL get you where you want to be.

Conversely, approach your workouts and nutrition with a negative mindset and you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you view working out and healthy eating with a negative viewpoint, you are not going to give your best when doing them.

As I am sure you’re aware, you only get in return what you give, harvest what you plant.

Be more positive in all areas of your fitness approach and you will get the body you want much, much faster.

Personal trainer and natural bodybuilder Shawn LeBrun offers proven muscle building workout routines to help you build muscle and lose fat in less time. Visit Shawn Lebrun Fitness to learn how.

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Muscle Building at 50

I admire people who manage to stay fit even when they are over 50. We all know that looking good entails a lot of effort but have you ever wondered how other people do it? muscle building at 50 is not that difficult like how other people would put it, it’s not impossible to have a great body at this age. You just have to be smart in choosing what kind of workout routine works best for you and your body type. Contrary to what fad workouts dictate, high repetitions will not give you the results that you want. Spending more time in the gym doing pointless repetitions will not do you any good. Another thing is you shouldn’t aim for the number of sets you do every session. The key is intensity! Insufficient effort is always equal to poor results. The only way to gain muscles is to put stress in your body that it’s not used to. Muscle growth is stimulated while training heavy but training with heavy weights alone may actually slow down if not slow down your progress. fitness experts say that repeated intense workout combined with lighter weights will help you tone your muscles and increase their mass. Don’t rush in intensifying your workout, always start small and then increase gradually until you feel some pressure.

One important thing to remember is that you have to keep your heart rate up. sweating while lifting some weights means that blood is flowing. The oxygen delivered by the blood flow actually increases muscle mass and keeps you from dehydration. Always drink water before working out and drink more after you get done.

According to many trainers the “Super Slow” Method will help in achieving faster results. How so? By slowing down the rate of weight lifting, you reduce the natural momentum which then makes the muscle work harder. When we force our muscles to work harder, you gain faster in terms of muscle mass. This method also keeps your heart rate up during your workout which gives you cardio benefits. Some people saw some noticeable results even just working out twice every week. Pay close attention to routines that wrestle the biceps and triceps (extensions and curls). You can also do chest presses to give your chest muscles a workout. For your lower body, you can do leg extensions and curls.

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Weider Fitness PowerBell Kettlebells

Doing regular workouts are very important in our lives, not only it gives us energy that we use for the whole day, it also makes us stronger and healthier. Daily exercise are not limited to those who are just overweight or wanted to lose some of their fats, even if you are fit, you sure need to have a regular routine.

As we become more aware of our health today, more and more people are finding ways to keep themselves healthy and strong this is why a lot of products were made to help us with it. Weider Power Bell Kettlebells are just one of the few that can help us with it. It actually originated from the Russians as their form of workout as well and was recently adopted by the Americans because of its great results.

The older model of Kettlebells used to have a single weight per unit, and that would be the Yellow for 5lbs, Red for 10lbs, Green for 15lbs and Blue for the 20lbs. But Weider made a big difference when they have introduced the Power Bell Kettlebells; an entire set of weights that is combined within a single unit.

Weider Kettlebells wouldn’t want their clients to experience difficulty when finding the right size for them and end up buying so many weight tools. This is why each Weider Power Bell includes 7 individual weights per unit, first would be the kettlebell handle that weighs 5 pounds and the 6 pieces 2.5 pounds weight disks that would give you a total of 20 pounds if used together. So if you would like to just carry 10 pounds then all you have to do is remove the four of your weight disks and you’re all set for your workout.

Each Power Bell features an oversized, powder-coated handle that’s user-friendly, non-slippery, and easy to transition from hand to hand. With a Power Bell in play, you can perform bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder raises, and a host of other exercises without having to dedicate an hour-and-a-half to your routine.

Whenever you do your Power Bell workout, it engages every muscle in your body for the perfect strength workout. Like other strength exercises, your muscles are broken down and forced to repair through calorie consumption. This repair stage is referred to as the after burn Effect, which would add 507 calories burned after 20 minutes with the Power Bell.

Weider Power Bell will give you benefits such as improving your strength, endurance and flexibility; your body burns more calories effectively and even after workout; you will eventually notice that your excess fats are disappearing since you were able to form your muscles which are now defined as it forms cuts making you look younger and fit, and lastly, you sure are going to feel much energetic and live better.

Another great thing about having this Weider Power Bell kettlebell would be a space saver. Having this instead of single weight Kettlebells or dumbbells would definitely save you a lot of space at home. Also, workout would never be so much fun without a DVD guide that would teach you how you can maximize your workouts. So if you wanted to get something that can work on your legs, arms and even your abs then this would be a great choice.

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