Achieve Diet Fitness!!!!

So just what makes up a healthy diet? For many of us it really is hard to know just what makes up a healthy diet these days. But one thing is for sure in order to achieve diet fitness there are three basic concepts which all nutrition professionals agree should be part of this. In this article on diet fitness we will look at just what these three concepts are.

1. Balance

Providing balance in your diet means the intentional inclusion of different foods in proportion to each other based on the value that each food has for you to reach your total goal. For some people this choice of food may include a specific macronutrient balance. However many health organizations recommend that a diet should consist of a balance of carbohydrates (55-65%), proteins (10-15%) and fats (no more than 30%) of the total calories that you will consume. Whilst other diet programs recommend that the nutrient balances be altered to 60% carbohydrate, 10% protein and 30% fat. Also balance refers to you choosing healthier more often over those that are less healthy in the future.

2. Moderation

As the rise in obesity reaches epidemic rates one of the biggest concerns anyone should have is how much they eat. Where moderation is concerned the first thing a person needs to learn is portion control (not eating as much as they use to). The first step where moderation is involved is learning to know how much food is enough and how much would be too much. Most of the successful diets succeed as they teach the person how to plan food portion sizes appropriately. Also it takes over 20 minutes for the feeling of fullness in the stomach to register in a person’s brain it is important that you learn how to regulate the amount of food you ingest. It is important that you learn this rather than waiting until you feel full. Also with moderation you need to learn the difference between satisfying your hunger and being full.

3. Variation

Any healthy diet should involve the inclusion of several food types. The main reason for this is your health. By including a wide variety of foods it will increase the likelihood of your obtaining the required amounts of essential nutrients. It is well documented and recognized that both mineral and vitamin composition are food specific. Whilst you may find some fruits are high in Vitamin C there are some which are low in calcium. So providing variation in your diet will not only prevent food boredom, but it will provide you with something interesting and exciting to try.

4. Eat According To Your Type

By following the Metabolic Typing Diets, diet fitness can be easily attained. We can be roughly classified into Protein Type, Carbohydrate Type, and the Mixed Type. And we’re supposed to eat according to our type, or else our body will complain and show us signs that we probably don’t want to deal with, such as fatigue, weakness, emotional disturbances, digestive problems, etc…However, when we eat according to our types, we’ll feel absolutely energised and ready to conquer the world. For most people, eating a full meal of carbohydrates for breakfast can really slow them down. If you notice your body slowing down or yourself getting easily irritated about half an hour after a meal, it’s time that you started investigating into Metabolic Typing Diet to know more about your body and yourself. By doing so, you’ll gain a lot in the long run!

Hopefully by ensuring that you keep these basic concepts in mind when looking at what you eat you will soon be on the road to diet fitness!

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