The Lost Ways – Survival Skills

The Lost Ways –  SHTF Survival Skills

Some of these forgotten survival skills are hundreds of years old, these lost ways had to be learned in harsh times by early pioneers.

Just think back to those early days, they didn’t have electricity… no refrigerators… no real law enforcement… they had no corner store, McDonalds etc.

So I believe that their survival skills are very important to bring back and keep alive for a modern day SHTF scenario. These lost ways of the pioneers paved the way for skillful survival in harsh and troubled times.

If you and your family wish to have the knowledge of survival skills  for real life  SHTF scenarios then the book of The Lost Ways is a must have in your arsenal.

These forgotten survival skills of pioneers every day life was like a SHTF scenario today, so I think their ways are well worth learning and  bringing back for all whom want this knowledge and great skills.

You can watch a video that can share more of what The Lost Ways is about and why you would want this knowledge for you and your family. The Lost Ways Video

My family has learned alot of great  skills from this book and use many of these survival skills in our everyday lives and even while camping out in the wild.

The more we know about the right types of survival can mean the difference between life and death. Knowledge is one of the first steps for being prepared and having the best chance to survive a SHTF scenario! This knowledge can also have a profound impact on you and your families everyday lives.

Just click The Lost Ways Video to watch or click  The Lost Ways Letter to read about these survival skills and how to get your copy.


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Stop Dieting Become Fit For Life

You are responsible for your fitness.

You already know that you need to eat right and do some sort of exercise in order to become fit for life.

I personally eat everything imaginable and maintain a good physique and once weighed 320 lbs before getting sick and tired of being fat and getting busy. You can eat whatever you want just not whenever you want.

You need to remember everything in moderation is a good thing. You need to know that if you rarely exercise you can’t just eat whatever you want. The older you get the worse it gets in terms of your metabolism if you don’t work at it.

If you begin to regulate how much good food and how much junk food you eat you can lose weight. You really want to eat good balanced meals and become a fat burning machine. You   should have a good idea of where you are overeating in your day to day intake.

It can be a bit of a task to not over indulge in food that you love. You need to take back control in your life. Food can and will kill you if you let it. You need to stop letting the food take control in your life. Stop being a slave to food! Food is meant to sustain you and give you energy not make you want to take a nap.

When you eat food you should feel good not uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable and sluggish when you eat then you know you are definitely overeating and probably eating the wrong types of food. You need to eat food that can metabolize quickly to give you energy.

You can eat all day long if you eat the right types of food. You really need to learn how your body processes food and what food is good for energy and what food is not. Fruit and vegetables is awesome for energy, it metabolizes quickly to give you energy to want to move around not want to lay down.

There are so many diet plans out here that it makes our heads spin. The plans that work best include everyday food and exercise. There is no need to measure your food portions unless you think a serving of beef is a pound or more. I eat at least 6 to 8 ounces of beef or pork at any one meal. I used to fill up on just the meat and not eat much of any other food at a meal. You fill up on meat, or any one thing for that matter. Remember I said moderation.

The bottom line is you need to exercise to be able to eat more food. Your body can only burn so much on its own and will store the rest as fat. Exercise needs to get your heart rate up and keep it there for a set period. That period depends on your food intake and what kinds of food you eat. Food can be your friend or your enemy, of course you know this already though.

You cannot just eat whatever you want and in quantities that surpass your bodies need for nutrition and sustainability and expect not to gain weight. If you are looking for a magic pill then you are just who the marketers are looking for when they sell their fairy dust. If you want to lose weight and be fit for life you need to figure out your metabolism.

How much food can your body process without storing fat in any given day?

Until you figure this out you will never lose weight or maintain it. You need to take into account your height, weight and activity level in order to know how much food it takes to sustain and lose weight for you personally.

It is not rocket science, although the weight loss industry would like you to believe that in order to sell you more stuff. You must eat enough food also. If you skip meals and think that is good you are wrong. Your body regulates fat storage by how much food you take in and how often. There has to be a happy medium though. You can’t just eat and eat and expect fat not to be stored. If you are an athlete and burn 5000 calories in  a day then you need massive intakes of food. If you sit at a desk all day and find it a task to walk the steps you are in trouble.

To learn more about food and your metabolism see our other article Diet Solution weight loss Stop yo yo dieting @

Slim Down Thighs Faster

How to Slim Down Thighs!

Here’s how to slim down thighs in 2 Easy Steps and get that sexy body you want, lose weight from not only your thighs but also your hips, butt and of course your tummy. We’ve all heard the same old diet tips like exercise more and eat better. Let’s forget about that for a minute. Here are a few simple tips that will make you lose weight and Slim Down Thighs faster all the while boosting your
energy and metabolism levels.

#1 Eat a good sized breakfast

Oatmeal or eggs along with some fruit are my top choice. Research has proven that those who eat a good breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day and tend to have greater weightloss. Take the time to have a good breakfast and have smaller sized meals more often for the rest of the day. This will also give a dramatic boost to your energy levels, and get your metabolism fired up to burn that fat off your thighs. This one trick alone with moderate walking such as taking the stairs, walking whenever you can from the end of the parking lot at the mall taking the dog out for a walk. Most people walk around 4 miles an hour so every 15 minutes you can walk will give you a mile. The more you do the more energy you have and the more fat you burn to slim down thighs, hips, butt and of course your tummy.

#2 Have a nice big drink of water before you eat.

Having a glass of water and or water based foods like fruits and veggies before a meal will help you “fill up” before hand so you won’t find yourself thinking about seconds. Not only that but you’ll soon find yourself putting less on your plate because you know you won’t be so hungry and eating smaller portions. Also eat slower and enjoy your food more and this will let you realize you had enough before you have had too much. I love this tip because you can still enjoy the foods that you’re used to eating without feeling deprived. That’s why so many diets fail, you feel like you’re punishing yourself. It’s a simple way to eat the foods you love and lose the weight you hate!

Slim down thighs final thoughts!

Now one more thing, in order to just get slimmer toner thighs you should stick to the moderate walking so you do not get big muscular thighs, unless of course that is what you want.
slim down thighs
slim down thighs